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Your vehicle’s brake system is critical to keeping you safe on the road. If you hit the brake pedal and hear a grinding or squealing noise, it’s time to let a trained professional have a look. In Fairfield, CA, drivers turn to the ASE-Certified brake mechanics at Multi-Tech Auto Repair. We are certified brake repair experts with the training and tools to restore the stopping power you demand. Don’t ignore warning signs like spongy brakes, reduced stopping power, or your car pulling to one side. These are indications your vehicle needs brake service. Vibrations can also reveal warped brake rotors that demand brake repair service. However, vibration can also signal the need for a wheel alignment. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, call us at 707-421-2283 to schedule a brake check today. Of course, you should also come in for check engine light diagnostics if your service engine light comes on. Worn-out brake pads can be a source of the illuminated light. No matter the problem, our brake technicians will sort through the facts and get to the truth. We respect your time and wallet and won’t conduct unnecessary auto repairs. We’ll diagnose the problem and replace the worn-out parts so you can safely return to your daily schedule.