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Transmission Repair in Fairfield, California

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Does Your Transmission Need to be Serviced?

How do you know if your transmission is in trouble? If it’s hard shifting your manual transmission or you notice grinding gears, a transmission fluid leak, or you smell something burning, these are all signs of transmission problems. Who do you call? You call the transmission repair experts at Multi-Tech Auto Repair if you’re in Fairfield, CA. We’re the area’s leading transmission repair shop with the mechanics and equipment to work on any make or model, including European, domestic, and import. Transmission components are regularly exposed to heat and friction, making them vulnerable to wear and tear. It doesn’t take long before a small problem becomes catastrophic. Hearing a clunking, whistling, or screeching signal means your transmission is struggling. Visit our friendly team when you notice something is off. It might be nothing, but on the other hand, it could be the start of a very expensive auto repair. We’re here to answer your automotive questions and ensure you’re driving the best version of your vehicle. Automotive care isn’t hard when you have Multi-Tech Auto Repair on your team.